Collecting logs for FineReader PDF for Mac


How to collect program logs if an error message appears in FineReader PDF for Mac or the application shuts down unexpectedly?


In case an error message occurs in the program or the program shuts down unexpectedly, please collect the logs in one of the ways described below.

Collecting logs for an internal error in the "Contact Support" window

  1. In the window displaying the internal error, click the Contact Support button so that the process of collecting logs and saving currently opened projects starts.
  2. A folder with the current date in its name containing all logs and projects will be opened in Finder.
    The text of the error message will be copied to the clipboard. A support request form for contacting customer support will be opened in the browser. 
  3. Submit a request specifying the error message and the steps leading to it, and provide the log files from the folder opened in Finder.

Collecting logs using the program interface

If the "Contact Support" window was not displayed or closed, or the program shut down unexpectedly, please collect the logs as follows:

  • In the New task window or the Advanced conversion window: go to the Help menu > select Collect files for support.
  • In PDF Viewer: go to the Help menu > select Collect logs.

After one of these options is selected, the Finder window will be opened with all collected logs and open projects. Provide the logs in the already created support request or submit a new support request.

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