How to save the Windows Event log for diagnostic purposes


I need to provide Windows Event log to the ABBYY team, how can I save in on my computer?


Event Viewer is the Microsoft Windows tool. You can find it in Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative tools.

There are several easy steps how to create Event Viewer log file.

  • Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer.
  • From the log tree, select the "Application"/”System” item.
  • From the "Action" menu, select the "Save log file as..." item.
  • Save the *.evtx file, zip and send it to us.

For Windows 10:

  1. - Type “event” in the search box on taskbar and choose View event logs in the result;
  2. - Select Windows Logs > Application item.
  3. - From the "Action" menu, select the "Save All Events As..." item.
  4. - Save the *.evtx file and send it to us.


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