How to use the integration between FineReader PDF for Mobile and Windows?


How to use the integration between FineReader PDF for Mobile and Windows?


On your smartphone

  1. Run FineReader PDF
  2. Go to menu:
      • For iOS, tap Cloud storages > Automatically upload to > Google Drive (FineReader);
      • For Android, tap Settings > Cloud storage > Configure > Automatic upload > Google Drive (FineReader).
  3. Sign in to your Google account.
  4. Scan and save a document. New document will be automatically uploaded to FineReader folder in Google Drive.

On your computer

  1. Download Google Drive for Windows here and install it on your PC. Learn more about the integration of FineReader PDF 15 for Windows with cloud services here.
  2. Open FineReader PDF 15 for Windows. In the Mobile application tab, click Select folder.mobile_start
  3. Select the FineReader folder in your local Google Drive folder.mobile_files

    If there is no FineReader folder, open FineReader PDF on your smartphone, select the scan, and share it to Google Drive (FineReader).

    All scans you create using FineReader PDF for Mobile will be displayed in FineReader PDF for Windows in the Mobile application tab. The scans and folders will be sorted by creation date, with the most recent displayed at the top of the list.

    From the list of mobile application scans, select the appropriate file or folder:

  4. Make your changes and save the document. Once you have saved your document, its local copy will be synchronized with the Google Drive on your computer.

If you need help, contact our support team.

Additional information

Set up and integration between FineReader for Mobile and FineReader PDF for Windows.

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