"Failed to send the email. Please check your account settings" message in FineReader for iOS


When sending a file By Email or To your Email from FineReader for iOS (or when sending feedback via menu More... > Feedback) the following message appears:

Failed to send the email. Please check your account settings


FineReader for iOS uses the email address which is set up in the standard iOS Mail application. The warning message appears when the email account is not configured in the Mail application.


Make sure that the Mail application is installed on your device and set the account in it as described in the following article from Apple Knowledge Base.

If the solution doesn't help, please do the following:

  1. Restart your phone;
  2. Try to re-login in your account settings. If there is another account, try selecting it as default.

If the situation persists, please specify:

  1. Which of the two functions: By Email or To your Email is used?
  2. What account is used in the Mail app?
  3. Does sending email function properly in other applications?
  4. Try sending an email again, choosing different document sizes (Small JPG, Large JPG, Small PDF, Large PDF).
  5. Is the option selected (By Email or To your Email) inactive or the message is sent but not received?
  6. Does any error message occur? If yes, send a screenshot.

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