Timeline version 5.0.0

New features:

  • Update compressed projects
    • Allows adding data to compressed projects
  • A new repository operation will create an additional field and extract attributes from a timestamp into it
    • Extract year, month (as name or number), or day (as name or number)
    • This will support things such as using day of week as a dimension
  • Timeline can be installed on Kubernetes and run on a k8s cluster


Task Mining

  • Recorder can record Windows apps and web apps
  • Windows apps
    • apps with standard windows controls or wpf application
  • Web Apps
    • Applications that use standard html controls
    • Chrome is fully supported; other browsers will generate less complete information.
  • Recording Service
  • Communicates with individual Recorders and supports definition of templates, management of recorders, viewing of logs, uploading of logs to Timeline, and management of settings. Recording service can run with local on-prem Timeline as well as with Timeline in the cloud.
  • Recording templates
    • A template defines
      • When to start recording
      • Whether to include screenshots
      • Where to obfuscate, or blur, images
      • What apps and websites to include or exclude from recording
  • Timeline Task Mining Homepage
  • Manage tasks
  • Display metrics to highlight tasks that are good candidates for automation
    • Rank automation candidates by complexity
      • Based on similarity of sequences
    • Rank automation candidates based on gain
      • Time saved is time taken by task
    • Define task cost 
      • Cost for a task can be defined by hour or as a fixed cost per task instance
  • Filter to show specific task
  • Select a task type, apply filter, and use all timeline tools to view all instances of that task as you would any other process
  • Auto cut suggestions
  • Look for repeated sequences to recommend as cut suggestions using algorithm
  • Show user suggestions and allow user to select those to use to define tasks
  • Manual definition of tasks
  • User can define start and end events of a task
  • Timeline will then find all instances of this task in logs
  • PDD
  • PDDs are a list of events in a task.
  • For each event we provide an operation and a field as well as a screenshot if we have one
  • Option to generate in PDF or MS Word
  • Redaction
  • Options are no redaction or blur screenshot
  • Remove potentially confidential data from URLs
    • Expressions can be defined to map confidential data that might be in URLs into other strings
  • Highlighting of clicked fields in screenshots
  • Highlight in a screenshot what was done in a given step
  • Zoom in/out
  • Link an event in a process project to a task type
  • Selecting event in schema gives option to ‘zoom in’ which takes user to new tab showing home page in tasks project filtered to show only tasks/timelines for the selected type
  • ‘Zoom out’ from a log will take user to the Timeline project the log was loaded to


  • Enhanced upload report
    • Create upload report not just from browser upload but also from sftp and scheduled uploads
  • Fixed installer not to ask for admin credentials on update
  • Improved Timeline performance in handling large logs
  • We recalculate set statistics after uploading new data
  • Fixed error during exporting set
  • Side by side comparison was not applying metric for all timelines 
  • Emails are not sent when invited user from account

Know Issues:

  • In task mining the Included and Excluded lists currently only work with Chrome and IE 11. This will soon be fixed to work with other browsers.

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