FineReader Engine 12 for Windows Release 5

Build Number:

Part Number: 1342/84

Release Date: 30 April 2021 (public release)


The release focused on technology improvements:

  1. Major OCR technology update since October 2019 including:
    • NN-based language models
    • NN-based ICR for Latin scripts
    • End-to-end recognition for Latin scripts
    • “Accurate” OCR Mode based on NN for specific cases where OCR quality is priority
    • OCR quality improvements for text near stamps and signatures
    • Best in the class barcode recognition on neural networks (over 26 types)
    • Arabic OCR: better recognition results with new neural network-based technologies
    • Specific improvements for tables with financial data
    • Enhanced export to PowerPoint using document structure
    • Bangla OCR: New supported language
  1. PDF improvements:
    • Indication of digital signature presence in PDF
    • Smart font embedding mode to minimize PDF file size.
    • Check quality of text layer
    • Adaptive recognition
    • Content reuse mode
  2. Full API coverage in .Net core wrapper
  3. Optimized RAM consumption being used in Java applications
  4. Documentation is now available online 
  5. System requirements changes 
  6. Other features and bug fixes

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