How to define the font for the whole document in FineReader PDF 15


How to define the font for the whole document? After recognition FineReader PDF 15 has assigned correspondent fonts for the recognized text. I need the text to be displayed in one font.


In FineReader PDF 15 you can edit the document styles in the OCR-Editor and set the desired font for all the detected styles:

For more information about editing the document styles please consult the article in the User's Guide: Using styles

Another solution can be to select the font that will be used when saving the recognized text in the Options as follows: 

  1. Start FineReader PDF 15;
  2. Go to Tools menu > Options... > OCR tab > Select Fonts...;
  3. Click Clear All > set the font you would like to be used when saving recognized text > OK;
  4. ​Click Open in OCR-Editor > select your document;
  5. The recognized documents will be displayed in the window Text in the fonts you set (e.g. Arial);
  6. Save your document in the desired format.

For the new documents to be displayed in the corresponding fonts in the resulting documents, please click Default Fonts > OK in the Window Select Fonts to restore the default fonts. 

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    Fram Lorbin

    After doing:

    • Changing the Font in the OCR Editor process > File menu > Save as > Searchable PDF

    The PDF is still saved with the original font.

    How to Save the document with the new selected font (Arial) ?
    I need a new PDF document with the new font.

    The original PDF's font (New Times Roman) is not desired for the use case, on screen display and presentation.

    Thank you for your support.


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