Azure SQL authentication ERROR Failed to authenticate the user "UserName" in Active Directory


When running the connectivity tests through GUI, the test runs successfully. But on executing with the FlexiBRSVC, an authentication failure message is received.


This error was caused by a bug in the ODBC driver which was related to Azure AD authentication for some variants of Azure SQL DB.


The bug was fixed in Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 Version number: Updating your driver version to this will fix the issue.

The driver can be downloaded from the Microsoft webpage.

Bug fixes in the Microsoft ODBC Driver 17.7 for SQL Server

  • Fix character encoding of VARIANT columns in BCP NATIVE mode
  • Fix setting of SQL_ATTR_PARAMS_PROCESSED_PTR under specific conditions
  • Fix SQLDescribeParam in FMTONLY mode for statements containing comments
  • Fix an issue with federated authentication when using Okta
  • Fix excessive memory usage on multi-processor systems
  • Fix Azure AD authentication for some variants of Azure SQL DB

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