How to update data sets in FlexiCapture project with ABBYY FlexiCapture Connect?


How to setup data sets update in FlexiCapture Connect?

How to set up "templates" property in FlexiCapture Connect configuration file?


In ABBYY FlexiCapture Connect configuration file config.json, "templates" [] array node is dedicated to setup data sets update.

In "templates" [] node:

  • "name" property is used to specify Document Definition where data sets should be updated, 
  • "datasets" [] property  is used to specify data sets to update.

"datasets" [] property is used to specify data sets update details which need to be updated with FlexiCapture Connect, each data set in a separate node (separated with commas).

  • "name" property to specify the data set name.
  • "file" property to specify path to CSV file which is used as data set source.
  • "period" property to specify data set update period
  • "schedule" property to specify day time when data set update should be performed.

Note. "period" and "schedule" properties are independent form each other. It is legitimate to use only one of the properties, or both.


"url": "",
"tenant": "MyTenant",
"user": "",
"password": "mypassword",
"projects": [
"name": "project_1",
"templates": [
        "name": "Document Definition 1",
            "name": "DataSet",
            "file": "C:\\HotFolder\\DataSets\\DataSet_in_Document_Definition_1.csv",
            "period": "00:01:00",
            "schedule": [ "12:00:00" ]

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