Can not import the PDF file to FineReader for iOS using the Share option


When you open the PDF file on your device and press the Share button, the FineReader PDF for iOS application does not appear in the list of applications that can be selected for import. 


The application might be disabled for the selection in the settings of your device.


Please check the settings as described below:

  1. Select the file you would like to import to FineReader PDF for iOS, tap the Share icon;
  2. Scroll left the apps, have you found the FineReader PDF for iOS application among them?
    If not, please tap the More button;
  3. In the opened list of Apps find the FineReader app. Scroll down the list, is it available? 

    3.1. Press the Edit button, check whether the FineReader application is enabled for the selection.
    ​​ ​​ ​
  4. ​Tap Done. Check whether the application is displayed when you press the Share button. 

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