Side-by-side comparison Module - incorrect value for the "Current set" column


Why does the value of the "Current set" column does not comply neither with Metric's value for currently active set nor for the base set of the Metric?


Side-by-side comparison Module uses an intersection between the base set of the Metric and the selected set. 

For example, there are 3 sets available:

  • DataSet #1
  • DataSet #2
  • DataSet #3, which contains timelines from both DataSet #1 and DataSet #2 (sum of filters from 2 previous data sets).

If you create 3 same metrics based on different data sets:

  • Metric #1 based on DataSet #1
  • Metric #2 based on DataSet #2
  • Metric #3 based on DataSet #3

add them to a Side-by-side comparison Module and select DataSet #3, you will see the exact same values for all 3 metrics mentioned above at the respective column. This happens because both intersections of DataSet #1 & DataSet #3 and DataSet #2 & DataSet #3 include the same set of timelines.

This behavior allows you to view Metric's values of desirable subsets of timelines without actually creating new, temporary, data sets.


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