Using Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner with FineReader PDF for Mac


FineReader PDF for Mac does not recognize my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner. How to use the scanner with FineReader PDF for Mac?


Scanning with a ScanSnap scanner directly in FineReader PDF for Mac is not supported due to specific ScanSnap scanner drivers.

However, there is a way to scan documents using ScanSnap Home with the subsequent sending them to FineReader PDF for Mac. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Before starting to scan launch FineReader PDF for Mac;
  2. Launch ScanSnap Home and click  button > click Add profiles  button or edit an existing profile;
  3. Define the scan settings;
  4. In the Application field click the Send to drop-down list > select the Add or Remove... button;
  5. Click the Add... button > specify the path to FineReader PDF for Mac by clicking the Browse... button > specify the desired Display name (e.g. Scan to FineReader PDF) > OK;
  6. Click Exit in the Application settings window;
  7. Select Scan to FineReader PDF in the Send to list and save your profile;
  8. Scan a document with the profile by pressing the Scan button in ScanSnap Home or on your ScanSnap scanner.

The document will be scanned and opened in FineReader PDF for Mac.

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