How can the recognition quality of the inverted text be improved in FlexiLayout Studio?


The recognition quality of the inverted text is poor in FlexiLayout Studio. How can it be improved?


  1. Use the custom Image Enhancement Profiles. You can adjust the background, brightness, and contrast of the image. The exact best settings are different on a case-to-case basis, so the best way to find suitable settings is to experiment. To use Image Enhancement Profile in FlexiLayout Studio, you would need to create it in the Project Setup Station, Scanning Station, or Administrator Station and then import it in FlexiLayout Studio. Follow this guide for more details: Managing image enhancement profiles
  2. In some cases, finding the area of the inverted text is enough to build a FlexiLayout. In such a case, you can use the Object Collection element in FlexiLayout Studio instead of looking for the exact text. It has the Inverted Text option:
  3. If you are capturing the Inverted Text as a field, please follow this guide to recognize the Inverted Text in a field correctly: How to recognize the inverted text?

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