How can we allocate the separate page count for each tenant


How can we allocate the separate page count for each tenant?


To make use of the Multitenant functionality of ABBYY FlexiCapture, please follow these principles:

  • One Application Server should be connected to one License Server.
  • All the licenses should be activated on the License Server.
  • In the Administration and Monitoring Console, you can create the tenants and assign them the activated license to use.

By doing so, every operation on the tenant (for example, loading the image into the project that is uploaded to this tenant), will use only the pages of the license associated with the tenant.

For more information on Multitenancy please refer to the following ABBYY Online Help topics:

Please note, that in case of such configuration all operations performed on the projects not uploaded to the respective tenant will use the pages from the main active license.

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