How to set up separate production and development environments of FlexiCapture 12


We want to have 2 instances of ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 – one for development and one for production. How should we configure FlexiCapture 12 to have 2 different environments and what do we need to setup the environments?


There could be the following options for FlexiCapture 12 deployment scenario:

    • Setting up 2 different and independent FlexiCapture 12 installations. Different licenses are used for the environments, with license properties better fitting to each environment purposes.
    • Using tenants to create isolated environments which you may use as Production and Development. In such scenario both environments are sharing the same hardware. Please find more information on the topic ABBYY Online Help article Multitenant system

For project changes transition between Development environment and Production environment or tenants please consider using Update Project operation (updates all project properties as a whole) or other operations for separate project components, such as Document Definitions or Training Batches.

Project Setup Station or FlexiCapture AdminTools commands can be used for this purpose.

Please find more information on the topic in ABBYY Online Help articles CLI for project administration or Project Setup Station window

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