Can the name of the Field imported from FlexiLayout be changed in the Document Definition Editor?


When trying to rename the Field in the Document Definition Editor of the Field imported from a FlexiLayout, the Rename option is not available. However, the Fields created directly in the Document Definition Editor can be renamed.

Can the Fields imported from a FlexiLayout be renamed?


The above is the correct behavior. The Fields of the Document Definition that were created from the FlexiLayout's Blocks can not be renamed in the Document Definition Editor.

To rename such fields it is needed to:

  1. Rename the Blocks in the FlexiLayout Studio Project.
  2. Export FlexiLayout with renamed Blocks from FlexiLayout Project as AFL file.
  3. Update the FlexiLayout file in Document Definition with the AFL file.

However, you can change the following:

  • Label of the Field, as shown in the Data Form during the Verification:
    To change it, double click the label on the Data Form in the Document Definition Editor and change the text on the Label, or open the Field Properties and change the Caption on the General tab.
  • Name of the Field in the Export results:
    To change it, open the Export profile properties > Data Format options > Set up field mapping as shown below:

    Here you can change the names of the Fields in the Export results.

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