How to capture numbers, printed in MICR fonts in ABBYY Flexilayout Studio



How to capture numbers, that are printed in MICR fonts (E-13B, CMC-7) in ABBYY Flexilayout Studio?



In order to capture the numbers, that are printed in MICR fonts, it is necessary to enable the corresponding languages in Flexilayout properties:

  1. Open your Flexilayout project;
  2. Go to Flexilayout tab > Properties > General tab;
  3. Expand the languages list and check "Show all languages";
  4. Enable the necessary language and click OK.

Afterward, in Flexicapture project, open your Document Definition and go to the properties of the field, that capture the MICR number:

  1. In the Data tab, select the Data type: Number. After that, click on edit > enable "Show all languages" and select MICR language from the list;
    Знімок екрана (34).png
  2. In the Recognition tab, select the advanced text type > enable the needed MICR type.

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