Submitting supporting information to ABBYY support

In order to facilitate faster resolution times and to help our support team fully understand the issue, when a client opens a support ticket, the following should be included in the initial email.

  • If you are submitting a ticket for a FlexiCapture Project error or FlexiLayout Studio issue, please be sure to export a copy of the project to send to us as well, sample documents to test against, and test batches if needed as folders containing .fcproj and .fsp zipped. Essentially, a sample of your environment as it relates to your specific request will give us a better view of how it is configured and what needs to be done with as minimal changes as possible. These can be attached to your Zendesk submission or a customer service engineer will provide you with a remote Sharepoint link to upload them to if they are large.
  • Please include the build number as well. In the case of clients who have not upgraded in a while, many issues tend to be patched and fixed in later versions. You can always find the latest release of Flexicapture Distributed here => and Flexicapture Cloud here => 
  • If you are submitting a ticket for Processing Server related issues, please make sure logging is enabled. Just right-click on the server name (FC12-VM on the screeshot) -> Properties -> Write Processing Server Trace Logs.  Additionally, check File -> Settings then making sure  these boxes are checked:enable_logging.png
    • The logs themselves will be located by default here C:\ProgramData\ABBYY\FlexiCapture\12.0\FlexiBrSvc\Logs
  • For application/event hard errors, providing Windows logs may be beneficial on the server these are being noticed on. This can be found by pressing the Windows key and searching for Events. These can then be saved and sent to ABBYY support. Usually, useful information can be found in the Application and System logs.
    *Note your IT Administrator can customize these views to just send relevant ABBYY information.windows_event_logs.png

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