Remote Scanning Station: Windows cannot find OfficeComConverter.exe


When importing the Microsoft Office files in the Remote Scanning Station, the import fails with the following error:

Windows cannot find OfficeComConverter.exe


To convert the Microsoft Office files a built-in converter that is absent in the Remote Scanning Station installation is used.


Remote Scanning Station needs OfficeComConverter.exe and OfficeComConverter.exe.config files for import of Microsoft Office files to work.

These files are missing by the installation of the Remote Scanning Station by default.

These files can be found in the FlexiCapture 12 Stations installation folder (by default C:\Program Files\ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Stations). This folder is created when installing FlexiCapture 12 workstations from the distributed installation FlexiCapture 12.

To resolve the issue copy files OfficeComConverter.exe and OfficeComConverter.exe.config from the FlexiCapture 12 Stations installation folder to the root folder of the Remote Scanning Station (default: C:\Program Files\ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Scanning Station) and restart the Remote Scanning Station if it was already running.

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