Error 'Src\CaptionHelper.cpp. 158' when saving the OCR result in FineReader PDF 15


When saving the recognized document you get the following error message:

Internal program error: Src\CaptionHelper.cpp, 158.


Some pages of the document were not analyzed correctly in FineReader. Those pages should be detected, analyzed and recognized manually. 


In order to solve the issue, recognize the file anew and try to save it as a Searchable PDF. 

If the issue is still actual, please define the page(s) that lead to the error message:

  1. Find out what pages cause the error message for that try to save the document by parts.
    At the step of saving the document, you may select the option Create a separate file for each page.

    The program will show you the pages where the error occurs.
  2. Define the area manually on the page(s) which causes the error: If areas are detected incorrectly.
  3. Right-click on that page in the Pages pane.
  4. Click on Recognize Pages.
  5. Save the document in the desired format.

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