Recognition in the PDF Editor of FineReader PDF 15


How can I recognize a document in PDF Editor? 


There are 3 ways to recognize a document in the PDF Editor.

Background Recognition

Background recognition starts when you open a document in the program and the corresponding setting is enabled:


The following settings are enabled by default for background recognition in the PDF Editor (no UI, preprocessings are always applying):

  • Deskew image
  • Correct image resolution
  • Correct page orientation

Recognition itself

You can recognize the document by clicking on the Recognize button on the top panel of the PDF Editor:


Recognition starts with the same preprocessing settings as the background recognition (they cannot be changed).

Before the recognition process starts, you can adjust the appearance of the resulting document (the settings will not affect the recognition process):

Saving as searchable PDF Document

Recognition starts by selecting File > Save As > Searchable PDF Document.

The result is identical to the one obtained when loading the document into the OCR Editor.

You can adjust the recognition results in the menu Tools > Options...

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