Activation of Screenshot Reader


How to activate Screenshot Reader?


After Screenshot Reader is installed, it should be activated for functioning in full mode. Otherwise, it continues working in a trial mode. In this case, the features of Screenshot Reader will be limited after the trial period is over.

To activate Screenshot Reader, please follow the steps below:

  1. Run Screenshot Reader.
  2. Go to the system tray and right-click the Screenshot Reader icon > Help > About....
  3. Select License info. Click the Activate... button..
  4. Enter the serial number into the corresponding field and click Next.
  5. Fill in the registration form (registration is optional).
  6. Click Next and complete the activation process.

Note: Registration is necessary to obtain customer support. Also, registered users can recover the serial number of the program in case it was lost (e.g. during the operating system reinstallation). 

If there is no Internet connection on the computer to complete the activation, Screenshot Reader can be activated on the website on another computer with the Internet. Or our Customer Support Team can generate a license file for the computer that has no Internet access. Please send a serial number and Product ID of the offline computer to the Support Team by submitting a request.

Additional information

This serial number cannot be activated automatically

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