Deleting headers and footers in FineReader


How to delete the Header and Footer in FineReader?


If you have created Header and Footer by mistake, please follow the steps: go to Edit > Undo ​ (Ctrl+Z).
If you have already saved the document with Header and Footer, you may only delete the area manually on every page: Edit > Delete area. 

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    Dailton Filippin

    In case I don't want the system to read a specific part on ALL PAGES.  (headers and footers for example)

    What's the procedure? How do I configure the sistem to do so?

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Dailton,

    You can try to use Area template feature for such a workflow. In case you have further questions, please create a support ticket (click Submit a ticket on the top right part on this page) and provide us with a sample of the file and our Customer Support specialist will help you with the settings and the processing of the file. 


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