FC Connect Export to separate files


We are processing the Multi-invoice sample with 5 invoices but in the output batch, we receiving only one invoice output via FC Connect. Meanwhile, the same settings create 5 output files using a native export profile without FC Connect Tool. How can we set FC Connect export to create separate output files?


First of all, the following Import property should be enabled to create separate documents from the input file:

​ The Export settings should be configured to create unique files for example with a timestamp or document id:

​ Without a unique name, all the results will be recorded to one file and rewrite the previous results, so finally you will have one export file with the values of the last page of your multipage document.

That is because the standard export using Windows Services to create files and it automatically puts the counter() to the file name if the file with the same name was created.

Meanwhile, FC Connect mechanics differs from it and each file should have a unique name while going out from the FC.

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