FineReader Server 14 Release 3 Update 2, build

Part # 1340/23, Build

Release Date: 27.09.2021

  • Thorough analysis and filtering in Audit workflow
  • Audit workflow redesigned for ease of use and convenience
  • The Audit workflow will now count pages in *.odt and *.odp files based on their metadata
  • Added ability to e-mail processing results from within Document Conversion Service
  • Added the ability to use indexing scripts for automatic document redaction
  • Ability to configure Indexing Station to show Text Pane when it opens
  • Added support for ALTO XML 4.2
  • Ability to save pictures when exporting to XML (saved as PNG files in the same folder that contains the XML file; the XML file will contain links to the pictures)
  • Returned Web API object now includes information about deskewing/rotation
  • Added ability to redact barcode image
  • Default filter for Document Library workflow has been expanded
  • The FineReader Internal Format has been removed from the list of available export formats
  • SharePoint 2010 no longer supported
  • To improve the detection of blank pages, a new parameter has been added which allows users to specify the maximum number of letter characters that a blank page may contain (Characters)
  • XML workflow settings now include a new setting, UseFindAndFilterTypographicRaster, which allows compressing typographic raster
  • Added the ability to collect logs from Processing Stations for better diagnostics
  • Neural networks are now used to recognize QR codes and texts in German and Korean
  • Licenses with grace periods are now supported
  • Bug fixes

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