How to capture all the data of a page with the document structure to be maintained?


We want to capture all the data of a page in a single field but with the document structure to be maintained. Is this possible in Flexicapture?


ABBYY FlexiCapture platform is intended for automatically identifies documents, including multipage documents, locates meaningful fields, extracts data and loads check rules and is not intended for saving the structure of a document. So please choose another product to extract a structure of the document. For this purpose, we recommend to use Fine Reader product or Fine Reader Server product.

But you can create in the FlexiLayout Studio the flexible layout that will contain one field of "region" type and the following "Advanced pre-search relations " code within it:
RSA: PageRect;

The Region field will take the while page as its search area.
Then use this Region field as the Block field source and this Block, when imported into FlexiCapture, will have the whole page text in it.

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