Release 9 build

Part # 1380/17, 1381/17, 1382/17, 1395/12
Release date: 05.10.2021

New features and improvements:

  • Integration with Microsoft® Office apps (Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Allows creating and sharing PDF documents, converting scanned and paper documents for editing, and comparing text documents with their scanned or PDF copies directly from Microsoft® Office
  • Improvements in editing ligatures (two or more joined letters) in PDFs

List of the bugs fixed:

  • A program error when user dictionaries are used during verification process;
  • Incorrect saving to image-only PDF in Hot Folder
  • Various bugs and errors in specific user scenarios in OCR Editor
  • Various bugs and errors in specific user scenarios in PDF Editor
  • A bug in scanning documents with custom page size.
  • Incorrect message displayed when validating an invalid digital signature
  • A problem with access to License Manager via global Licensing Administrators group of system administrators
  • Other program errors

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