Windows 11 support for FineReader PDF 15


Is Windows 11 supported for FineReader PDF 15?



Yes, FineReader PDF 15 has been tested on Windows 11 OS and information has been updated in ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 specification

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    Wiz Gort

    I experience some bugs in the scanner to document in Windows 11 (in Windows 10 all worked fine). It happens with both my Fujitsu and HP All-in-one scanner. The pages are scanned, but only a few are displayed in Abby Finereader PDF. The Fujistu is connected via USB via WIA, the TWAIN option make Abby Finereader crash. I use Windows 11, with the latest version of Abby.

    OS = Windows 10 64-bit ( version - 10.0.22000, platform - 2,
    service pack - 0.0, suite mask - 256, product type - 1 (Work Station) )
    Edition = Professional

    Dll & Exe Versions:
    Riched20.dll []
    Riched32.dll [10.0.22000.1]
    Comctl32.dll [5.82.22000.1]
    Shell32.dll [10.0.22000.348]
    Shdocvw.dll [10.0.22000.65]
    Regsvr32.exe [10.0.22000.1]
    Twain_32.dll []
    Twain.dll [Unknown]
    Twunk_32.exe [Unknown]
    Twunk_16.exe [Unknown]
    Msiexec.exe [5.0.22000.1]
    msxml3.dll [8.110.22000.282]
    msxml4.dll [Unknown]
    msxml5.dll [Unknown]
    msxml6.dll [6.30.22000.282]
    WinInet.dll [11.0.22000.282]
    mapi32.dll [1.0.2536.0]
    usp10.dll [10.0.22000.1]
    WINWORD.EXE [16.0.14701.20262]
    FineReader.exe []
    AInfo.exe [15.0.517.9894]

    CPU Vendor = AuthenticAMD
    CPU Identifier = AMD64 Family 23 Model 113 Stepping 0
    CPU Name = AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor
    Number of logical CPU cores = 24
    RAM = 65456 Mb


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    Eliel viseman

    didnt work for me got

    The RPC server is unavailable


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    Arthur Prelle

    I upgraded to Windows 11. When I try to scan, I get an error in a ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 OCR Editor Scanning popup window that says, "The parameter is incorrect." I reinstalled FineReader 15 and I still get the error. Everything worked fine in Windows 10 and only Windows was upgraded.

    HP LJ500 M570 Scan Driver (WIA) is the device.

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello Arthur,

    Please try to follow the instructions from the article The parameter is incorrect / Cannot open TWAIN source


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