How to work with Samba folders


If I want to use Samba for export/import in FlexiCapture 12, how to set up permissions correctly?


  1. Make sure folders on a Linux machine are accessible via Windows File Explorer.
  2. Create an account FCUSER@password and give it the rights to access the folder in Samba.
  3. Launch Processing Station and Processing Server services on behalf of that user:
    • open the list of services via Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services
    • right-click on ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Processing Server and select Properties
    • go to Log On tab
    • select This account and enter corresponding credentials
    • press OK
    • restart the service to apply changes
    • do the same for ABBYY FlexiCapture 12 Processing Stations service.
  4. Set up the identification for this user in FlexiCapture 12 Web Service Application Pool:
    • go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > IIS Manager > Application Pools
    • right-click on FlexiCapture 12 Web Services > Advanced Settings… > Identity
    • choose Custom Account, and enter data for FCUSER@password account

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