How to set up Toolbar view settings via registry key in Scanning Station


I need to enable/disable certain Toolbar panes in Scanning Station. How to do it in a bulk? Is there any registry key that can be used?



There is a registry key:


It contains a list of toolbar descriptions in square brackets. It consists of 4 numbers separated by spaces:

  • First number - toolbar id (0 - Batch Editing; 1 - Image Editing; 2 - Document Navigation; 3 - Script; 4 - Rescan)
  • Second number - width
  • Third number - flag of visibility (1 or 0)
  • Forth number - flag of starting from a new line (1 or 0)


I.e. to enable the Scripts toolbar change the third number from 0 to 1 in the brackets with toolbar id = 3 (the last one on the screenshot). 

Note: All changes should be done when Scanning Station is closed.

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