Restoring a database from a backup in BCR for Android


How to restore a database from a backup in the BCR for Android?


Important! Restoring a database replaces all existing cards with business cards from your backup.

To restore a database from a backup, follow the steps:

  1. Close ABBYY BCR:
    • Touch and hold the application icon on your home screen, tap (i) and select Force Stop.
    • Open Settings > Apps and notifications, find ABBYY BCR and tap Force Stop.
      If you can’t find ABBYY BCR in the list, tap See all apps.
  2. Connect your device to your PC. 
  3. Open Internal storage and go to Android > data.
    • If you are using ABBYY BCR Pro, open the folder.
    • If you are using ABBYY BCR Free, open the folder.
  4. Rename your backup file containing the business card database to backup.sqlite and copy it to the specified folder.

Important! Make sure that the specified folder contains only one backup file.

  1. Start ABBYY BCR and wait until all the data is recovered. 
    New business cards will appear in the Cardholder after a successful backup recovery.


  • Recovering large backup files takes some time. Do not close the application until recovery has been completed.
  • If you didn’t close ABBYY BCR before copying your backup file using one of the above methods, the application will be force stopped. Restart ABBYY BCR.
  • The instruction is applicable only for BCR app version 9 or later. 

Additional information 

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