How to create training batches based on VendorId rather than VATID?


Is there a way to create training batches using VendorId as there can be multiple vendors with the same VATID in our data set, and we still want separate training batches for them?


Starting from FlexiCapture 12 Release 2 Update 6 it is possible to choose how training batches are connected to vendors. By default VATID, national VATID, or IBAN are used to make correspondence between vendor and training batch.  In case they are missing, then VendorId (or VendorId+BUId, if there is a dependence of VendorId on BUId) is taken into consideration.

Now it is possible to disable this behavior and rely only on VendorId+BUId to connect a training batch and vendor. That may be useful if different BUs represent different customers or different vendor records in master data from the same supplier in fact mean different types of invoices (goods/services, bills, etc).

It is enabled in Invoice Document Definition Properties > Additional Fields and Features > Prefer variant ID as the main identifier in the training batch:


Note: the option works only if there is Vendor-BU dependency. If multiple BUs are not used in a project, it is possible to specify one and the same BU for all vendors.

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