The application sends the document as a PDF file instead of the file format selected during the recognition


I have converted the file to *.doc(x), but when I send it from FineReader PDF for iOS, the application sends it as a PDF file. The article is applicable for any other file format (*.xlsx, *.txt, etc.).


FineReader PDF for iOS offers you to select the needed file format for sending (Document PDF, Image, or Recognized document). There is a need to select the needed option. 


In order to send the resulting file (in the format you have selected at the recognition step), please follow the steps below: 
1. Recognize the file, press the Share button. 
2. Select Recognized document format. It will send you the file in the format that was selected as a resulting file format during the recognition (for example, *.doc(x) file). Then, select the sending method. 

If you select Document PDF option, the application will send the original PDF file you created. 

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