Flexicapture 12: Capture all text on page without fileds

If you need to capture only text from a page without boxes lines etc.




1. Create a new FlexiLayout.

2. Add a new "Text block" in a "Blocks" section. (Right mouse click on a "Blocks" section).

3. Add new "RegionElement" in a "SearchElements" (Right mouse click on a "SearchElements" section).

4. Open "RegionElement" properties on a "Search Constraints" tab and enable the checkmark.

5. Press "Add" to open the settings menu. Select "All" pages or select and set up "range" and press "Add".​

6. Press "Apply" and "OK"

7. Open created "TextBlock" properties.

8. Map the "Source element".

9. As a source element map your created the "Region field​​​".

10. Press "OK", "Apply", "OK".​

11. Export your FlexiLayout( File -> Export)

12. Add your Flexilayout to a DocumenDefenition


As a result, you will be able to return all of the text in the document within a fields.


Check wiki for detailed instructions.

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