If a barcode is not detected with FineReader PDF 15


The program does not recognize and decode a barcode in a document. 


A barcode is not defined as a barcode area with FineReader PDF 15 automatically. It may happen if the image quality of the original document is not good enough.


First, if you need to detect and render a barcode as a sequence of letters and digits rather than as an image, please enable the option Convert barcodes into strings: click the Tools menu > Options... > click the OCR tab, and enable the Convert barcodes into strings option.


Additionally, it may be needed to draw the barcode area in the document manually if the barcode area has not been detected automatically with the program:

  1. Start FineReader PDF 15;
  2. Select the task Open in OCR Editor > select your document;
  3. After the document has been recognized, please draw the barcode area around a barcode (or change the recognition area to Barcode) > right-click the area > select Change Area Type To >  set the Barcode area;
  4. Click the mceclip2.pngbutton to recognize the document anew.

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If a barcode is not detected

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