FRS Indexing script: Invalid procedure call or argument (line x, pos y)


Invalid procedure call or argument in the Indexing script.


Mismatch of data types during logical operation.


Although indexing attributes have a lot of varieties of their datatypes so it is important to keep in mind that these types can be incompatible with each other. 


For example, it is impossible to assign a string value to the attribute of Date type.

The workflow administrator should be aware of typecasting because it is missing in built-in FineReader server interfaces. 

The case of the mentioned example can be outplayed by the following piece of code with the usage of the JScript class Date:

//function casts string 12/01/2020 to its date value
function strToDate(S){
  DMY = S.split('/');  //or any other separator in the line
  var goDate = new Date(Number(DMY[2]), Number(DMY[1]-1), Number(DMY[0]));//format of JS class "Date" is YYYY-MM-DD,in result xml you will see it as "DD-MM-YYYY"
  return goDate;


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