Protecting documents from editing and printing in FineReader PDF 15


How to set passwords to protect PDF documents from unauthorized access, editing, and printing?


A PDF document can be protected with a Document Open password and/or Permissions Password in FineReader PDF 15.

To apply password protection to all PDF documents, go to Tools > Options... > Format Settings > PDF > tick the Protect documents with passwords option > the Security Settings dialog box will open > set the options needed.

To protect an individual document with a password, please use the PDF Editor:

  1. Сlick thebutton on the PDF Tools toolbar or click Tools > Password Security....
    The Security Settings dialog box will open.
  2. If you want to protect your document from unauthorized opening, select the Restrict access with a Document Open password option.
  3. Type a Document Open password and confirm it.
  4. If you want to prevent unauthorized printing, editing, or copying of your document, select the Restrict printing and editing with a Permissions password option.
  5. Type a Permissions Password and confirm it.
    The Document Open Password and the Permissions Password must be different.
  6. From the Printing drop-down list, select a printing resolution for your document.
  7. From the Editing drop-down list, select allowed editing operations.
  8. If you want to allow other users to copy and edit the content of your document, select the corresponding options.
  9. Select an encryption level and components to encrypt.
  10. Click OK.

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