Autorotation for the imported documents is incorrect


Some document photos/scans are autorotated during the import to the FlexiCapture, but all autorotation options are disabled.


The issue could occur due to the background artifacts. As an example, some scanning artifacts can. be recognized as a vertical text.


To resolve this issue, try removing or improving the quality of the background.

For example, autocropping the image can remove all the unnecessary background and leave only the required rectangle.

Autocrop can be implemented using the Image Enhancement Profiles and then set as the default while loading the images:

  1. Create a new Image Enhancement Profile in the Project Properties > Image Enhancement Profiles < New and create the following one:
  2. Choose it in Image Processing settings for manual load.
  3. Or in the Hot Folder properties.

The exact reasons and required solutions can be different depending on the files to be processed.

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