How to extract data on a certain amount of pages in FlexiCapture 12?


We have a requirement where we need to configure the workflow in FlexiCapture 12 so that it will only capture/scan data on the first 3 pages of an Invoice document.

There could be invoices with up to 100 pages but the data we need would only sit in the first few pages. Is there a way to achieve it?


It can be done with a custom workflow script stage before Recognition which would set all the pages as annexes except the needed ones. To set pages as annexes automatically use the method MarkAsAnnex() of IPage object. Here is a sample script to set as annexes all the pages except the first three:

//======= C#=============
//Document processing type script
if(Document.Pages.Count > 1){​​​​​​​
    for (int pageIndex = 3; pageIndex < Document.Pages.Count; pageIndex++)

Also, it is required to set the parameter in the Event Handlers > Before Matching script:

Matching.MaxPagesToMatch = 3;

Note: this is only a high-level description of the possible approach. There can be required to adjust the logic according to the specific project settings, requirements, etc., and overall, the algorithm may be more complex.

Additional information

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