How to protect PDF documents with a password in FineReader PDF for Mac


How to set a password for a PDF document in FineReader PDF for Mac?


FineReader PDF for Mac allows to use a password to protect exported PDF documents. You can choose to require different passwords for the following actions:

  • opening a PDF document;
  • printing and copying the contents of a PDF document.

To protect the exported PDF documents using a password, please do the following:

  1. Convert a document using the Quick conversion or Advanced conversion.
  2. On the step of export, click the Security Settings... button. 
    If you convert a document using the Advanced conversion, click the Export button > navigate to the PDF tab > click Next....
  3. Select the action and specify the required passwords > click OK.
  4. Specify a name, location, and storage settings for the resulting document.
  5. Click the Export button.

Additional information

 Video tutorial How to protect documents converted to PDFs with passwords.

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