Export script to M-Files error: System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to login.


  • Custom export
  • Document management system M-Files


      Invalid credentials to authorize in M-Files.


It is very important to use correct credentials in order to login to M-Files, otherwise, the following error could be gotten: 

Document 1: Custom export (script): System.Exception: Abbyy.Connectors.Dms.Infrastructure.DmsConnectorException: Initialization failed. ---> System.InvalidOperationException: Failed to login.

In more often cases the export script (or any other integration scenario with M-Files) contains lines like below: 

// Set connection settings.
connectorSettings.DmsConnectionSettings.Server = "https://%servername%";
connectorSettings.DmsConnectionSettings.Credentials.Username = @"%username%";
connectorSettings.DmsConnectionSettings.Credentials.Password = "%password%";
// Set M-Files document vault name.
connectorSettings.DmsConnectionSettings.Repository = "%repository%";

The user should check credentials there.

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