FlexiCapture SDK shows incorrect fields' order


The Document Definition shows one fields' order on the Project Setup Station or when the batch is exported while the order retrieved using IPage::IBlock::IFields is different.


Document Definitions' fields are assigned a unique ID when created. The ID increments when new fields are added.

The user can change the order to organize his output layout better during export however the IBlock::IFields gives the collection sorted by the ID.

That's why if you create the fields and change their order on the Project Setup Station (1 to 3 below is the creation order: intellectual was added first):


The order retrieved via IBlock::IFields will remain unchanged:


However, the output will follow the changed structure:



Currently - FC 12 SDK R1 U6 - no functionality exists to change the order obtained via API.

A possible workaround may be the following:

  1. Export the document to a CSV file containing the order of the Document Structure;
  2. Open this file using filesystem APIs;
  3. Parse the file and show the output to the user.

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