FineReader PDF 15 update via Active Directory (Installation in LAN)


How to update FineReader PDF 15 deployed in LAN using Active Directory?


FineReader PDF 15 update via Active Directory** is a stage of FineReader PDF 15 update on the workstation (with the disabled auto-update).

The process of an update installation is carried out similarly to Example: deploying ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 using Active Directory and including the following actions, described below.

For the installation of the copy of the program in Group Policy Management Editor (Software Settings > Software installation) required *.msi or *.zap files. The ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 copy update using *.exe file (auinvokersp.exe) can be implemented with the script.


The installation of FineReader PDF 15 from *.exe. file via GPO can be proceeded with applying a script as described below:

1. Download and unpack the distribution kit of the latest version of ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 to the shared folder: Download links.

Please note, that the folder with the distribution kit should be accessible for the server and for the workstations.

2.  Open a Group Policy that you created before.

 There are two options:

  - Computer settings: the computer switching on or switching off can be a trigger.

  - User`s settings: trigger can be logging into or logging off the system under the specific user`s credentials:

3. Open the properties of the trigger by double-clicking and clicking Add button to add the script.

4. Enter the UNC path to the script into the Script Name and click Apply:

5. You can use a *.bat file as a script. In this *.bat file the auinvokersp.exe installation will be running from the folder with the unpacked distribution kit (paragraph 1.).

echo "install finished"

6. You can also add installation through PowerShell script on the Powershell script tab. 


** - is not available for the SLE distributives.

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