Updating FineReader PDF 15 using SCCM (network installation)


How to upddate FineReader PDF 15 via SCCM?


Updating FineReader PDF 15 using SCCM* is a step of FineReader PDF 15 update on the workstations, on which the auto-updates are disabled.

* - not supported for the distribution kit with the SLE license.

The update deployment process is similar to the Example: Using SCCM to deploy ABBYY FineReader PDF 15 and includes the differences described below:

  1. Download and unpack the distribution kit of the latest version of FineReader PDF 15 to a folder accessible to workstations.
  2. Launch the SCCM Administrator Console, select the Software Library section.
  3. In the Application Management group, select Applications.
  4. From the context menu, select Create Application:
  5. In the Create Application Wizard dialog that opens, select Manually specify the application information.
  6. Specify a name in the Name field. Click Next.
  7. For the Specify the Software Center entry step, leave the default settings. Click Next.
  8. Click Add on the Configure deployment types and the priority in which they will be applied for this application step.
  9. In the Create Deployment Type Wizard window that opens, for the Type field, select Script Installer.
  10. Make sure the Manually specify the deployment type information is enabled. Click Next.
  11. Specify a name in the Name field.
  12. On the Content tab, for Content location, specify the path to the folder with the unpacked distribution kit (from step 1), for example: \\hq-sccm\applications\sp; in the Installation program specify the installation file "auinvokersp.exe". Click Next.
  13. On the Detection method tab, click Add Clause to add a rule that determines that the application was updated successfully.
  14. To set up a rule for checking if updates are installed successfully (the actual version of the application will be checked):
    - specify in the Path field the path to the folder with the installed application;
    - in the File or folder name field specify FineReader.exe;
    - select The file system setting must satisfy the following rule to indicate the presence of this application;
    - set the rule to check the version Property: Version.
    There are two ways to set a rule:
    1. If you know which version the program should be updated to (can be found on the download page for the distribution kit via the link), then select Operator: Equals, Value:, where is the number of the latest version after the update.
    2. You can also simply specify that the new version should be higher than the previous one, in this case, select Operator: Greater than, Value:, where is the number of the installed version of the program (before the update).
  15. In the next windows, click OK to leave the default settings.
  16. The newly created package will appear in the Applications list. Further deployment is performed as described in the instructions (starting from point 8).

Additional information

It is possible to add arguments to install auinvokersp.exe. To do this, go to the package properties Application > Package name > Deployment types > Properties.

On the Programs tab, add the necessary arguments in the Installation program field.


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