How to troubleshoot the network connectivity issues using the Wireshark logs


When troubleshooting the network connectivity issues, it may be sometimes needed to collect Wireshark logs for further analysis by ABBYY Customer Support. How to collect and share Wireshark logs? 


Wireshark is a well-known tool for capturing and analyzing network traffic.

The program allows viewing the entire passing network traffic in real time. Wireshark is an application that "knows" the structure of different network protocols and therefore allows disassembling of network packets, displaying the value of each field in the protocol at any level.

Wireshark can work with multiple formats of input data so it can open the data files captured by other programs.

Here is a guide on how to capture Wireshark logs: 

  1. Download Wireshark. Make sure to choose the correct installer version depending on whether your operating system is 64-bit or 32-bit. 
  2. Install and run Wireshark
  3. Open Capture > Options and choose the interface that you use to connect to the router. Usually, it is a network card or a Wi-Fi adapter. 
  4. Click Start.
  5. Reproduce the issue and then stop the recording by clicking Capture > Stop.
  6. Save the log file via File > Save As.

When sending the collected logs to ABBYY Customer Support, specify the following information:

  • The IP addresses of the machines where FlexiCapture components are installed.
  • Timestamp of the error.

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