Timeline version 5.2.0

Timeline Core

  • Handle large data sets
    • It is understood that some operations on very large data sets will take significantly longer and a user may need to wait for those results
    • This need to allow for monitoring and alerting on new data as it comes in
    • Up to 100m loading of events into projects and browser 
    • List of disabled features
  • Other enhancements
    • Let the user sort asc/desc in Path module
    • Option to align the bars in either an ascending/descending order
    • Option to set min max range for scales in our combination chart
    • The login experience has changed to provide better experience for accounts with SSO integration (We ask the user to provide the username first, and show the password dialog only if the user does not belong to an SSO account)
    • When initiating a ServiceNow import, the user can select an absolute date range (in addition to the last n days/weeks/month)
    • In ETL, users can execute todo lists on multiple tables (on the tables-list view)

Timeline Task Mining

  • Filter events in Schema generation for selected Task
    • For the selected task when you need to generate a schema - you need to choose manually all events from the dataset even if filter for the selected task is applied
  • Reset default events in Path View
    • Reset default event in path analysis when filtering to specific tasks (case)
  • Removing log from a project
    • Selection dialog and removing button for logs that are already uploaded to TaskMining project
  • Displaying settings for filtering by event types
    • Showing in Task Definition  a set of toggles for smart ignoring options:

      • Navigation Events and Execution events. Each toggle will allow to see specific event type in Task Definition view. If the toggle is off, these events don't need to be presented in TL UI

      • And main toggle - hiding/graying ignored events

      • Navigation events: OpenWindow, FocusWindow, CloseWindow, SelectTab

      • Execution events: Invoke, InvokeMenuItem, ChangeElement, SelectElement, Copy, Paste, Press

  • Renaming PressKeySequence event Renaming PressKeySequence event
    • In UI PressKeySequence event need to be presented as press event as much shorter string

Recorder & Recording Service

  • Recorder supports Citrix environment - Recorder should support Citrix environment
  • Option to switch language in UI - language switching
  • Username support in the UI - especially important for terminal installations - Operator name support in the UI
    • It is planned to add a toggle "show user name" to the settings page in the RS.
      If the toggle is on, the column "User name" is added to the Logs page.
      In this case it's possible to filter logs by a user name and analyze logs from different users in different TL projects.

  • RS - Recording scheduling 

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