FlexiLayout Studio: How to skip the next Static Text element if the previous Static Text was found (script method)


Is it possible to implement the following logic by FlexiLayout Language scripting in the "Advanced" tab: if one Static Text element was already found, do not search for the next Static Text element variants.

An example:

Static text: "Billed amount" / "Bill amount" / "Total amount including tax"
If "Billed amount" is found, do not search for other static text.


To do so, you can add a script like the following to the Advanced pre-search relations in the Advanced tab:

if [Element].IsFound then {

If the above script finds the element specified in Element, it means that the script does not search for the added element.

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    Xavier LIENART


    To complete this article, can you indicate how to reference the "Billed amount" element? I did not understand the syntax of referencing a text element where there are several assumptions?

    Or give a concrete example to specify a text element in [Element].



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