Should we update our FC12 complex to the latest release if our issue has been resolved in the previous one?


We are facing the issue in some old FlexiCapture 12 build, to overcome this issue we were advised to update to the latest release from the link (that was ABBYY FC 12 Release3 Update5 at that time).

Now when we are ready to upgrade, there is another build available on the link.

Could you please clarify if we are good to download the latest available version instead of the recommended one?


You may download the latest release available on the link and use it. Our developers improve the technology with every release, so we recommend to update your software to increase the recognition quality and avoid potential issues in the product’s functionality to the latest available release from

Please note that before upgrading the production environment we recommend to test the updated FlexiCapture 12 version in the development or test environment first.

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