Vantage 2.1 Advanced Designer Controlled Release

In the Vantage 2.1 release, ABBYY has introduced the new Vantage Advanced Designer. The advanced designer offers a wide range of capabilities for setting up Document Skills of any complexity. Depending on the purpose of the skill you are creating, you can set up specific steps to process your documents and place them in a particular order in the process.

The advanced designer includes several activities that can be added to a document skill including address parser, named entity recognition (NER), NLP for segmentation, and extraction rules.

For more information, see the online help section for Vantage Advanced Designer.

Starting with the release of Vantage 2.1, the new Advanced Designer is available in controlled release. To get access to the Advanced Designer, you will need to complete an online request form. See the Request approval to download and use advanced designer section later in the article.






Vantage 2.1 license

A valid license (trial or production) is required.

Familiarity with Vantage

You must have completed the online Introduction and Intermediate courses available, before starting to work with the advanced designer.

Complete Advanced Designer Training Course

You are required to complete the advanced designer training course available on the ABBYY University.


Request approval to download and use Advanced Designer

Fill out and submit the online form to request approval to access and run the advanced designer.

The form requests information about you, your company, and the user scenario for which you'll use the advanced designer. After you submit the form, the Vantage team will review it and email you with a decision within 5 business days.

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