Security event log is disabled for the tenant


We have recently updated to the Abbyy Flexicapture 12. After the upgrade, we are getting the following message when we are clicking the security event tab: Security event log is disabled for this tenant.


The logging of security events is disabled by default. This feature can only be enabled by the system administrator directly in a FlexiCapture database.


Please, double-check if logging of security events is enabled:

  • For the default tenant:
    Add the following to the dbo.Setting file of the FlexiCapture database:
    Name = LogSecurityEvents
    Value = True
    TenantId = Null
  • For custom tenants:
    Increment the value of the Flag field in the dbo.Tenant settings file by 2 (i.e. replace "0" with "2", "1" with "3", etc.).

For more information, please, check the article Security event log.

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